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13th Jul 2018 | Community,News,

Vision and Integrity – How Andrew Facey Impacts the Parklea of Today

Parklea has come along way since Andrew Facey founded the business in the early 1970s. With a tight pool of staff, Parklea thrives and grows. As Andrew and the Parklea team continue to develop communities within the southeast region.

“I have lived in this area all my life and I have great pride in this area. We have been fortunate enough to purchase land at very reasonable rates, therefore we can put more into each development,” says Andrew Facey.

And this is what Parklea does. They invest with pride into each development which in turn attracts proud buyers who nurture and maintain their new properties keeping each estate presentable and appealing.

Jarrod Mills, Parklea Sales and Marketing Manager believes that the Parklea developments selling today are due to Andrew’s influence and vision. “Andrew has carried on his legacy through all his estates, primarily in the Cardinia area, starting with Heritage Springs, flowing through to Timbertop and more recently Kaduna Park. This legacy is set through the design guidelines and the quality of estates will carry on for years to come,” says Jarrod.

Andrew is one of the largest holders of ready to develop land within the Cardinia Shire and his influence has never been more pronounced in ensuring development of high-quality residential estates in the outer ring of Melbourne. It seems that the extra effort across all estates during their development can lead to the most fruitful result.

“There are many elements in each project… like having our own internal maintenance team… and a sales team that really reflects the end results in every project,” says Jarrod.

Jarrod reinforces that the success of each estate is due to maintaining focus on the land within the same area.
“This provides Andrew and Parklea the opportunity to invest back into the community in which we operate. There are certainly significant sponsorship contributions where we reinvest into the community and it really provides great opportunities to the local forces including Windemere, the Pakenham Show, and other events and local groups. These groups lack support at times, providing Parklea the opportunity to improve the community, and I think for Andrew that’s the real legacy that will live on for years to come.”

Andrew is mindful of the environment and across the years the Parklea team has planted trees and created waterways where necessary and maintained the protection of their environmental contributions acting as very responsible developers.
Parklands and added facilities are included, for example, a hospital will be built as part of the new Kaduna Park estate as well as retail outlets and other necessary features.

Andrew has maintained throughout the years to “be honest, be sincere, stay in your own backyard, and not be too greedy.” Advice that can’t be taken lightly from a successful Andrew Facey and his thriving Parklea Developments.