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1st Jun 2018 | Community,News,

Don’t Walk – Run to Keep Up

Working with Andrew Facey, Parklea’s Founder.

Having worked in real estate since 1968, Andrew Facey has employed many people. His energy is infectious, and he moves fast as he moves forward, which in turn keeps his staff, his partners, and his consultants working hard to keep up at his pace.

“Working with Andrew has been phenomenal. Some people are born to follow but Andrew is certainly a leader. His enthusiasm is unbound,” says Malcolm Semmens, Parklea engineer. Malcolm admires Andrew’s ability to find a solution to any challenge presented; nothing seems to rattle Andrew. “No matter how insurmountable a problem might seem, Andrew will work hard at finding the solution.”

With fifty years experience, Andrew’s energy and enthusiasm continues to inspire everyone around him. Richard Facey, Andrew’s son, has worked with his father for a long time. “Even if he has aged now, he hasn’t lost an ounce of energy, it seems.” Energy and enthusiasm combined with an innate ability to identify potential properties all assist in Andrew’s success. “He has always had the foresight to identify properties, future potentials, timing as far as development optimisation.” Says Richard.

Mark Cockburn of Tarmac agrees. “Andrew’s great skill is his foresight in finding land well ahead of time and well ahead of other primary developers in the area.”

Mark goes on to describe the maintenance crews that Andrew engages to work on his estates from the first stages through to stage 20 and beyond. His subdivisions are maintained and nurtured from stage 1 so by the time of sale they are beautifully presented. “The development at Heritage Springs Estate had 32 stages and it took eight years to develop. By the time we finished constructing stage 32 his maintenance team were still mowing nature strips and lawns, making the estate presentable to purchase for the local community.”

Frank Barrett, Parklea’s accountant, believes Andrew’s developments have served the community and buyers in the south east corridor in the best way possible. Andrew’s subdivisions offer larger blocks of land which allows more space per residence and avoids overcrowding and over building. “Having been born into business, Andrew uses his smarts well. He is building the community, not just subdividing blocks of land,” says Frank.

Don Welsh, of Parklea, admires Andrew’s innovation. “He is always pursuing new opportunities, but he is also looking for ways to do things better which makes working with Andrew certainly interesting.”  Don and Brendan Rice both reflect on Andrew’s generosity. “He helps a lot of individuals. In my time there have been many cases where a particular individual has needed some help and Andrew has been more than happy to lend a hand,” says Don.

Brendan goes on to say, “Andrew’s a top developer but he also puts back into the community. He is involved in lots of charities and I know he is very generous with his help. When I was involved with Windemere I could always rely on Andrew to contribute.” Brendan Rice has known Andrew since 1969, having met in line to re-enrol into RMIT Real Estate. They have been colleagues and friends ever since. “He is a very unique man. He was a gun real estate salesman and now a great developer, he is the best buyer of real estate I’ve known. And he’s fair. He is always good to the vendor.”

With an excellent team behind him and clarity of vision for future investments, after fifty years there’s still no stopping Andrew Facey.