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Prime Minister Visits Kaduna Park

Kaduna Park, a new development from Parklea in Officer South, welcomed Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday as the PM addressed the media on the Homebuilder Grant and JobKeeper initiatives. Joined by LaTrobe Federal MP Jason Wood, Morrison toured the home of Kaduna Park’s latest engaged couple Mitchell and Tahlia.

Mitchell and Tahlia’s love story caught the attention of the PM’s office when they got engaged on the site of their new Simonds home in January this year. The couple took advantage of the Homebuilder Grant to break into the housing market and decided to build a brand new dream home when they “fell in love” with Kaduna Park.

Launched last year, the Home Builder scheme provided eligible owner-occupiers with a $25,000 grant to build a new home or renovate an existing home. Contracts entered from the beginning of this year, until the end of March, will be given a $15,000 boost. The Prime Minister said the policy, which was put in place to boost the construction industry, had done its job.

“It’s exciting as a government to see that when you design these programs that they get these types of results. This is what it was intended to do. This is what it is doing and I think that is giving Australians great confidence,” he said.

Clearly, Mitchell and Tahlia are feeling confident and very much in love while looking forward to their wedding and their approaching move-in to Kaduna Park. Parklea sends our biggest congratulations to the happy couple and all the best for an exciting future ahead.

Lucky Kaduna Park residents got a peek at the PM and Federal MP Jason Wood as they dropped in to deliver some good news about the success of the Homebuilder Grant. The leaders also toured newly engaged residents Mitch and Tahlia’s new Officer South home currently under construction with Simonds.