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1st Apr 2019 | News,Community,Company News,

Fresh Face from Familiar Family

Mature beyond his years, Eden Facey-Smith, Sales Consultant at Parklea, has property and development in his blood and his future. The Facey name has helped develop the face of the South East and it seems with Eden on-board it will be for many years to come. 

Eden’s Great-Great Grandfather, Frank Facey, established Frank Facey Real Estate in 1917. Facey Industrial Commercial has specialised in property development in the South East for over 100 years now. Working alongside his Great Uncle Andrew Facey at Parklea for over a year and a half, Eden has high hopes for the future and is dedicated to helping the land developer create quality community estates.

How did you get into working in Land Development?
During high school I had a part time job at a supermarket. The work was repetitive. I knew then that I needed to start focusing on work that really interested me, in a place where I could continue to learn and develop new skills to build a career. I have always been fascinated by the way an area can essentially go from blank canvas to a thriving community. It’s really exciting concept. With my family connection, it was a no brainer that this was the direction I wanted to take. Andrew Facey is my Great Uncle and someone whom I admire for his internal drive and passion for land development and I hope that I can match his high degree of professionalism and dedication to business.

What do you enjoy about working in Land Sales?
Working in land sales provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with a diverse range of people. Each has a unique story. I take great pleasure in knowing I’m helping people on their journey to living a great community lifestyle. Every day I get to experience something different, which is extremely valuable to me. As it is a position involving a high degree of interpersonal contact, I am continuously developing my social and communication skills, which are important both in and out of my career.

What do you enjoy most about working for Parklea?
Parklea is made up of a small team of people who are all extremely caring and genuine. No one is just a number at Parklea. I come to work knowing that I’m surrounded by a fantastic support network of people who are all equally passionate about the success of the company. It’s great to work with a team that operates with total transparency and honesty – virtues that I hold in high regard. I hold our family legacy close to my heart, so continuing the legacy is extremely important and something that I will really strive for working at Parklea.

What is one of your biggest achievements?
Completing my first land contract signing is definitely a highlight. It gave me great confidence to work with clients all the way through to the final stage.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I will be finishing my business degree and then will focus on full-time work with Parklea. I would love to learn how each aspect of the business operates.

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